Jim Whitson, The Blazing Blacksmith

Salmon Seat
Salmon Seat
Oak leaf gate
Philips railings
Galloway handrail
Moore gate
Clematis handrail
Semple gate
Semple arch
Miller handrail
Upper Linnfall, Waterheads, Eddleston, Peebles. EH45 8QX

The ethos of the Blazing Blacksmith has always been to give clients the choice to enrich their homes, gardens and lives with innovative and exciting work which is created to suit their practical requirements whilst being sympathetic to the setting of the piece. Whether it is a practical piece or purely sculptural Jim strives to create work which is individual and striking.

Facilities offered
Public Demonstrations, Works with schools
Maker's Mark
Salmon Seat 8 years ago
Oak leaf gate 8 years ago
Philips railings 8 years ago
Galloway handrail 8 years ago
Moore gate 8 years ago
Clematis handrail 8 years ago
Semple gate 8 years ago
Semple arch 8 years ago
Miller handrail 8 years ago
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